What’s Buried and What’s Not


What’s Buried and What’s Not

I’m balancing on the curvature
of roots mossed over in unreal green.

They carry a familiar bone structure:
these rough-skinned, working hands

That even now nourish tree flesh
in the bluing dark of Monday.

I trace one root, it skims grass-shallows
and delves below my sight
to extract its choice elixir:

It sips chilled rain from saturated earth,
leaving mineral tang on the forest’s breath.

Even what goes underground can sift,
can lift, can weave the elements–

into next spring’s leaf-fabric.

Poetry and photo by Bethany Rohde


3 thoughts on “What’s Buried and What’s Not

  1. I like this very much. I will recommend it for Every Day Poems. Good to see your poetry again, Bethany!
    Thank you for the comment on Yang.

    1. Thank you for reading my poem and letting me know what you thought, Rick. And wow, thank you for even considering it for Every Day Poems. So good to hear from you!

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