Is That Your Body Blocking the Light?


Is That Your Body Blocking the Light?

Across this lawn,

blacktop of shadow
cast between us.

Darkness you did not intend.

How can you, Oak Tree of seventy,
be obscurity and beacon, both?

Through leaves,
I hear whispers growing fainter,
Sh- sh- sh, until we share

each other’s air


This poem was previously featured in T.S. Poetry Press’ Every Day Poems. Photo and poem by Bethany Rohde. Do not use without permission.


2 thoughts on “Is That Your Body Blocking the Light?

  1. “obscurity and beacon both” I love that! Also love oak trees, especially live oaks. My mom used to climb one that was probably 70 years old then in her grandmother’s front yard in South Texas.

    1. Oh, thank you for reading and leaving this comment, Magen. You know, I’ve written several versions of this poem. The one I shared here, which Every Day Poems published, was edited by L.L. Barkat. If I remember right, I believe she suggested the rephrasing that resulted in “obscurity and beacon both[.]” So I got to give her the credit for that brilliant idea. I absolutely love old, giant oak trees too. What a beautiful thought – your mother up there – amongst the leaves.

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