The Mirth Goes On


The Mirth Goes On

How do you feel about scheduling daily fun? This month I accepted Ann Kroeker‘s invitation to join The Play Project. After the holidays, I looked forward to a little decompression time each chilly, January day. And perhaps it would free up my mind to write more. The list-writing genre gives me a particular thrill, so brainstorming my menu of frivolities was as enjoyable as doing one of them. Really.


Most of the things I’ve played have taken less than five minutes. I don’t want to become stressed by my “commitment to play.” If I miss a day, I let that balloon go and enjoy watching its red, round belly get swallowed up in the cloud cover.

Some of the fun I’ve had so far:

  • Taught my daughter how to do the Roger Rabbit.
  • Looked up the old ice cream parlor from my childhood to see if they still make chocolate ice cream sodas. Yes, they do. (Planned to make one on another day.)
  • Scheduled a coffee break/video game time with my brother.
  • Read a little farther in a Madeline L’Engle series.
  • Watched a football game and tweeted a question to my local sports radio station.
  • Made some curtain tie-backs out of a piece of silver Christmas ribbon.
  • Listened to my favorite songs from middle school while I typed this.

One playdate creation that’s taken a bit more time, is this poster for my mom. After all the doors had been creased open on her December advent calendar, I wanted her to have something tangible to look forward to each day in January.

It’s been years, since I worked on a craft this size. The squares aren’t exactly even, but under each little paper is a childhood memory, a quote from a favorite book, or a joke. After she reads her daily snippet, she can store it in the envelope.


I want to invite anyone reading this to join our band of merriment and play. It’s not too late, and of course you can do this for longer than a month, or just for a day. No pressure in your play. If you want to let me know you’re game, or if  you want to show us your fun on Twitter, the hashtag is #ThePlayProject, or just leave a comment below.

What would you enjoy playing today?


4 thoughts on “The Mirth Goes On

  1. Bethany your mom will love your project so very much!
    I am going to think of fun things to do too – Like making Valentine’s cards for my grandkids for next month.
    I love being creative and making things.
    It’s time to play again!

    1. Thanks for reading this and leaving your thoughts here, Bev. Making Valentines for your gradkids sounds delighful! If you do, maybe you’ll take a picture and share it? Happy playing!

  2. Love the examples of what you’ve done–so creative and as you point out, not time consuming. But the poster, oh, what a gift! That is a labor of love, a gift of play that will keep on giving.

    1. Thank you for reading this and the kind words, Ann. My mom has been doing creative, personalized projects for me, my family, and her students as long as I can remember. It’s an idea inspired by her handiwork.

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