About Bethany Rohde


I’ve found a new place to write on summer nights. Following the sound of low-toned windchimes into my microyard, I can settle into my kids’ reading-turned-writing nook. (It’s a screened canopy.) By the light of a citronella candle, I’ll wait to catch a few words on paper and watch the stars fade in.

I’m grateful to the following sites, and others, for hosting my words on their porch:

What’s In a Reading Nook?

How My 5th-Grade Reading Challenge Opened Doors 

Literacy Conversations: When a Robber Steals the Show

In 2015, I was pleased to have one of my poems published in an e-book by T.S. Poetry Press, Casual: A Little Book of Jeans Poems & Pictures.  

I’m grateful to be part of the Tweetspeak Poetry team, as a Poetry Barista and Contributing Writer.

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All poetry and prose featured on this site is the work of Bethany Rohde and may not be used without permission.

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2 thoughts on “About Bethany Rohde

    1. Kind of you to take the time and read some of my poetry. Your words are such an encouragement to me. Thank you. And what a poet you are. I read the first several poems in Sparrow this afternoon while I waited for my kids’ school to let out. There I was parked in my car crying again. 😉

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